8 Fast Hints To Help You Craft Thesis In A Day

A thesis helps the reader to understand what the essay wants to argue and how the writer will make those arguments. You cannot craft it with a no or yes question, neither is it a topic or a fact. Having said that, a good thesis has two important parts .First, what you want to argue about and secondly, how you intend to argue by supporting your claim. Here are some 8 hints to help you craft thesis in a day.

  1. Review your primary sources
  2. While analyzing the sources, look for ambiguity, controversies and tension. What are the implications of the author’s claim? Ask the questions why and how in order to get a clear path in crafting a good thesis.

  3. It should have a definable idea
  4. A thesis with an arguable claim makes the paper interesting. It also arouses the interest of the reader to read more and find out the arguments put forward.

  5. Make it clear and specific
  6. Avoid general terms and overused statements. Do not generalize so that you can have a unique statement.

  7. It should not be confrontational or combative
  8. Use statements that will make you appear rational and thorough rather than confrontational. Your reader may stop reading in case the content spark a defensive reaction.

  9. Write down a well thought thesis statement
  10. There is nothing frustrating than forgetting a well thought out statement/idea. By writing it down, you can be able to think about it in a clear, logical and concise manner. You may not have a perfect statement, but it put you in a path of perfecting it.

  11. Make your thesis prominent in the introductory chapter
  12. In case you are required to write short essays, you must place the thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph. Although this is not always the case in many essays, you will find the tutor concentrating on your last paragraph.

  13. Think about counter arguments
  14. After writing down a clear thesis, you should think about arguments that can be made against it. In additional to helping you refine your idea, it will help you get more arguments to support your claim within the body of the essay.

  15. Proceed with your thesis if it has enough counterargument
  16. The fact that you can get enough of counter argument; it means more material to craft a great and interesting paper. If yours doesn’t have enough of this, it means it’s either a fact or an opinion.